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Учебные программы
Летние школы и лагеря Английский в Англии Курсы профессиональной подготовки Фундаментальное образование в Великобритании

We are glad to welcome you on the web-site of
International Communication Centre "WEST BRIDGE"

The International Communication Centre “WEST BRIDGE”  is the education agent of British colleges in Ural and Siberia region.
We work with 3 groups of clients:
1)      kids: vacation programs, winter and summer schools, of individuals and for groups, for different level of English.
2)      students: English exams programs and preparation for universities
3)      adults: general English and special English (business, medicine, etc.)
We offer to our clients complete service: help to choose a college, to fill in all necessary documents, we transfer money, bye air tickets and insurance police, get visas in the British Council.
Our target region is Ural and North-east regions of Russia (Ekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk, Tumen, Surgut, Neftyagask, etc.)
We use adverting in schools and universities, publish adds in press and catalogues, send direst mails to schools, universities and heads of big enterprises, adds in elite houses.

Education business is very interesting for us and we are always open to new partners and opportunities!

Pls fill free to contact us!

Here you can read about:
Our country: Russia
Our region: Ural
Our city: Ekaterinburg